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Dear brothers!
How difficult it is to live in a situation like the one we are in these days. My sentiment goes back to the first Christian communities. Locked in fear that we will catch the enemy's claws, this virus that has emerged to discourage us. There is no doubt that the enemy walks like a roaring lion to devour. In this case, the virus, whom to infect. 

Several questions have arisen regarding the current situation in our parish. I hope you understand that it is a difficult time for everyone, imagine for us that we are the guides of this Holy Church. We must not look for guilty parties and let us unite in prayer to demonstrate to the enemy, the devil, that we can do more with the Power of Christ. Let us love each other from the Heart, so that when Christ comes, He will find us more united.
The Church will be closed for all activities. It is difficult to control people, many want to come, but we can get into trouble because people come in groups. Cases have already been reported in some of our parishes. I think you have heard of some priests (I think 29) in Italy who died of contagion. And how many parishioners ...! 

We can also offer our prayer from our house, the city asks us not to go out. If someone wanted to confess, there will be an opportunity, unless it is an emergency of life or death. For communion and mass attendance, we can hear mass on TV or the Internet. Our bishop dispenses us from that. We can make communion spiritually. Rodolfo, the seminarian and I are celebrating Mass every day for you and for your special intentions. (It is sad to celebrate in a single Church). 

Dear brothers and sisters, let us intensify prayer. It is time to kneel down and beg for the help of the merciful God.
I send my blessing to each of you and your families.
In Christ Jesus,

Father Sergio López
Your Pastor and server

Here are the links for our parish’s recorded mass for the 5th Sunday in Lent (3/29/20)
English - https://youtu.be/oTWUKjKmKhw

For those who want to attend an online mass, available from the Oakland Diocese website, will have the mass available at all times daily.
Scroll to the bottom of the main Diocese page for the mass link.

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