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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Church


Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
August 2, 2020

English Mass

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Jul 21,2020
Message from our Vicar, Fr. Joseph Le:

I would like to offer a week to hear confessions for St. John's on July 27th - July 31st (Monday - Friday) next week.   I want to try to help people receiving Holy Communion during the Sunday Mass. Hope that you come and care for God's grace through this Sacrament.

In the morning10-11am at the Bell. (Please park your car at the Blessed Virgin Mary Statute's parking lot, then form a line crossing the main front door Church by observing social distancing and having a mask on.)

In the afternoon3-4pm at the Blessed Virgin Mary Statue. ((Please park your car at the Bell's parking lot, then form a line crossing the main front door Church by observing social distancing and having a mask on.) 

This is only for one week ending Jul 31, 2020.

For Spanish confessions, call the office for an appointment.

"Deus refugium meum in die tribulationis meae"

July 15, 2020

Dear parishioners of Saint John the Baptist:

May God who is rich in mercy show you all his love and compassion in these days of world turmoil.

We were glad for a time that we were given the opportunity to celebrate within our church the greatness of God in the different liturgical acts, especially the Holy Eucharist.  Last Monday, the news broke that some of the churches in Contra Costa County should suspend all activities of spiritual celebration within the Church. It would not be possible to celebrate Holy Mass inside the Church, it could only be done outside as well as other liturgical services.  The same law has been declared in our Alameda County. It is not possible to have any event inside our Church.  It is for this reason; I sadly inform you that we are closing our Church again and we will only have celebrations outside of it.  Holy Mass celebrations for the weekend will only take place outside in the parking lot.  The hours of the celebration are: 9:00 am in English and 11:30 am in Spanish. We will not have weekday mass as we were planning.  

I thank you for your understanding this situation and let us do everything as God's will.  I thank you who are coordinating a ministry, for communicating this to your people and ask them to tell all parishioners about it. Let us continue to pray that this evil will pass quickly and one day we celebrate with joy that we have overcome this with Christ, present in our lives.


Sincerely, in Christ our Lord.  – Father Sergio López, JCD

New Offering Mailbox 

Dear Parishioners 

We all know how difficult these times are for everybody.  Your dedication and love for Saint John Church is truly visible as we receive well wish cards and continued donations.  For your convenience, we installed a secure mailbox near the statue of the Virgen Mary for easy access to leave your donations. Stop by with your offerings and spend a few minutes with our Mother Mary in prayer



Please use the link on OnLine giving above, next to the Pagina Hispanica heading, to make your donations at this time.

Here are direct links to our Facebook page and the link to our YouTube channel where all the videos will be uploaded.

For those who want to attend an online mass, available from the Oakland Diocese website, will have the mass available at all times daily.
Scroll to the bottom of the main Diocese page for the mass link.

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