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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Church


Dear Parishioners!

I want to share this reflection with you:


I am not ordained, I have not been anointed

with holy oils,

I am not a religious brother or sister, but

I am Church.

I am a Eucharistic minister, I take Communion

to the homebound and the sick.

I am Church.

I greet visitors to Mass, welcome new parishioners,

proclaim the Word, and make music

to praise God with joy.

I am Church.

I serve in a homeless shelter, gather food and clothing

for families in hardship.

I counsel engaged couples,

help them plan their wedding.

I do chores and drive

to the doctor for the elderly.

I am Church.

I comfort the widowed, separated, and divorced.

I take food and consolation

to the bereaved.

I am Church.

I teach English as a Second Language.

I advocate for the unborn

and new immigrants,

for safe neighborhoods and

housing for the working poor.

I teach God’s love and

the riches of the faith

to young and old.

I am Church.

I pledge a portion of my finances to the Church and     charities.

I plan and organize, sit on committees,

and clean up.

I celebrate, pray, and listen.

I am Church.

I am a minister

because I am baptized.

I serve in countless ways

because I am blessed.



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