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    frlopez From the Pastor’s Desk 

    Dear friends, I share this reflection with you

    Following their exile to Babylon, the people of Israel came home to find other banished people living in Israel. It was, therefore, not uncommon for foreigners to attempt to come to the Temple to worship. In the reading from Isaiah, the Jewish people are urged to welcome the foreigners and encourage their worship, for it was clearly the understanding of the author of Isaiah that everyone would be redeemed. The Jewish people had a strong sense of what was right and wrong and how to live just lives. This did not mean they had to embrace the religions of others, only to accept the people themselves and recognize that they and all people were entitled to God’s salvation.

    Paul’s Epistle to the Romans is equally evangelizing. He states that his ministry and God’s love stretch out to all people, not just the Israelites. Frustrated at times with the Jewish people’s rejection and refusal to listen, Paul turned to the Gentiles. All people, Paul explains, have sinned against God. Only because of our disobedience can God show love and mercy for all people. God loves us, and without exclusion each human being can claim the gift of salvation.


    More severe than the other readings, the Gospel nonetheless asserts that salvation is for all people. It is the amazing and intense faith of the Canaanite woman that catches our attention in the Gospel. The disciples saw her as a nuisance and someone to remove from Jesus’ presence. Jesus clearly considered his mission at this point particularly to the Israelites. Yet the woman knew that Jesus could heal her daughter and God’s healing is, indeed, for all of us. The woman was so sure of Jesus and God’s love that she recognized that something greater than crumbs would come someday to those outside the Jewish faith. Each of us in our own calling is challenged to multiply and supplement the crumbs generously, making a nourishing meal to show all people of the world God’s great love.

    God Bless You, 

    Fr. Sergio Lopez

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