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    frlopez From the Pastor’s Desk 

    Dear friends, I share with you this reflection,

    The folklore of all cultures is filled with stories of fateful choices. People find themselves in front of two doors — one door leading to disaster, one to untold bliss. Robert Frost’s famous poem “ The Road Not Taken ” underscores the fact that our lives are forever changed by the choices we make. Week after week, we are offered a choice to declare to others and to our God whom we belong to — the small god of money and possessions, or the great God whom Jesus called Abba (Jesus spoke Aramaic, and this word means Daddy or Papa). On Sunday some of us simply drop into the offertory basket what we think is good enough, or perhaps a habitual amount that we will never miss, or what we just happen to have in our pocket. How about a different approach? Whenever we receive a financial blessing, whether from a weekly paycheck, a personal allowance, an appreciation of investments, a sales bonus, or even a lottery windfall, first and foremost let’s thank God for this blessing. Then take a portion — the amount is up to us — and share it gratefully with others: half to build up the Church, and the other half to good causes you favor. This places God as the highest priority in our lives. In gratitude for God’s overwhelming love for us, we give back a portion of what we have received, and only then keep the rest for ourselves. The scriptures challenge us to give this “ first fruits, ” not the tiny part that’s left over after we’ve done what we want. Modern scientific research shows that people who give generously tend to live happier and longer lives. So becoming a grateful giver changes how we think about life, and makes us true stewards of God’s constant blessings.


    Fr. Sergio Lopez

    Did you know that the Vatican has a yearly operating budget less than half the budget of a major university? God’s work — in the parish, the diocese, and around the world — depends on us. Is your giving generous, or the least you can spare?

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