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From the Pastor’s Desk

18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

It is easy to hurt someone who loves us. It is difficult to heal that wound ...
It is easy to dictate rules. It is difficult to follow them ...
Easy is to show victory. It is difficult to accept defeat with dignity ...
It is easy to stumble on a stone. It is difficult to get up ...
Easy is to enjoy life every day. It is difficult to give it true value ...
Easy is to promise someone something. It is difficult to fulfill that promise ...
It's easy to say to say that we love . It is difficult to show it every day ...
It is easy to criticize others. Difficult is to improve oneself ...
Easy is to make mistakes. It is difficult to learn from them ...
It is easy to cry over lost love. It is difficult to take care of it so as not to lose it ...
It is easy to call ourselves Catholic. Difficult is to observe the commandments, live in a state of grace and behave as true children of God.

Adapted by Ricardo Diaz.

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New Offering Mailbox

We all know how difficult these times are for everybody.  Your dedication and love for Saint John Church is truly visible as we receive well wish cards and continued donations.  For your convenience, we installed a secure mailbox near the statue of the Virgen Mary for easy access to leave your donations. Stop by with your offerings and spend a few minutes with our Mother Mary in prayer.


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