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Dear parishioners!

We are celebrating one of the most solemn feasts of our Catholic Church: The Body and Blood of Christ. A great gift that Jesus Christ left for our Catholic Church. It is very important to consider such a Great Event and know what this means. Jesus Christ, our Savior, wanted to be present among us forever and He did so through the Bread and Wine converted into His Body and In His Blood.  I invite you to have respect and worship the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed   Sacrament of the Altar, with the following suggestions:

- As you enter the Church, the House of God, greet the Lord with a genuine (bending your right knee) or reverence for the Tabernacle.

- Participate with respect during Mass.

- Inking, recognizing Christ, during the Consecration.

- Make procession in silence and respect to receive Communion.

- Communicate if you are in a state of grace and have confessed your grave sins.

- Pray after Communion, even if you did not communicate sacramentally.

- If you notice that someone has not communed with respect and devotion, let them know what to do.

The most important thing is that we recognize God present in our Church through HIS BODY AND BLOOD


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