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    frlopez From the Pastor’s Desk 

    Dear friends, I share this reflection with you

    Today ’ s Gospel probably leaves those of us with a strong business sense scratching our heads in confusion. What would possess any boss to pay the same wages to a person who worked only a few minutes as someone who worked a full day? This parable calls us to dig deeper into the reality to which the story points. Consider the actions of the landowner. He goes out in search of laborers a total of five times during the day: at dawn, at nine, at twelve, at three, and at five. In this parable, Jesus summons us to consider the landowner ’ s actions as the kind of actions our God performs. In our lives we each have moments of standing idle, like the people in today ’ s parable. God is always on the prowl for us, inviting us into the vineyard. God ’ s persistence is immeasurable. Whether we respond at the dawn of life or at the “ five o ’ clock ” of our lives, God ’ s love and mercy are still showered upon us.


    Today ’ s Gospel reminds us that even when we stray, when we become complacent about God ’ s tremendous action in our lives, God still calls us back into a loving relationship. Perhaps it is at those times when we stand idle that God hounds us all the more, summoning us into the vineyard of new life, new possibilities, and renewed hope.

    God Bless You, 

    Fr. Sergio Lopez

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