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    frlopez From the Pastor’s Desk 

    I share with you this reflection,  

    In the autumn, as leaves are dying all around us and nights are growing longer, it is natural for our thoughts to turn to the end of our lives. We may ask ourselves if we will be ready when the Lord comes to meet us. Perhaps we have experienced the sudden, unexpected death of a loved one. Perhaps we have kept vigil with someone who died slowly. If so, we know that death is an unpredictable and ever-present reality in every human life.

    How are we to live our lives in the face of such knowledge? What is wise? Today’s scriptures address this question. We are not to live as though we are immortal and nothing can harm us. Neither are we to live in fear and despair, as though we were already dead. Paul tells the Thessalonians to console one another with the knowledge that we are meant to be reunited with our loved ones for eternity. Jesus tells his disciples not to be so foolish as to think that they can get by with only the bare minimum of faith, hope, and love. cross

    How then, shall we live our lives? We are told to keep vigil and to “stay awake.” What does that mean? It means that we keep our spirits well stocked with faith, hope, and love, so that our “lamps” will not burn out too soon. It means that we continually seek out wisdom, especially in dark times of suffering. It means that we are always ready for the Lord to come in unexpected ways, teach us unexpected lessons, and bring us unexpected joys, even in unexpected situations. Then, at the moment of death we will be prepared, because we will be in the habit of watching for and welcoming the Lord.

    God Bless You, Fr. Sergio Lopez 

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