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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Church


Twenty-ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time
Oct 18, 2020

From the Pastor’s Desk

St John’s Catholic Church
Fall Raffle 2020
First Prize: 5K or One Student Tuition Remainder 2020-2021
Second Prize: $1,000
Third Prize : $600
Drawing to be held November 1, 2020
Donation $5 per ticket
Dear Saint John Leader, as you know we are having a raffle in lieu of not being able to have our traditional annual festival this year. Please help us to promote our raffle. This will be the opportunity to help our church to continue the tradition of working together with our school in our ONE annual fund-raiser. The profits from the raffle will help our church and all our ministries. Be on the look out for the raffle tickets that are in the mail, or stop by the office to pick up tickets. As always, together we can have a successful raffle. Thank you for your support!

Mass is available via YouTube channel


Mass is available via livestream and also to view anytime on the St John San Lorenzo Facebook page as well: 


The above link can be used to access mass every week.

You do not need accounts nor do you need to sign up for anything in order to view the masses (live or recorded). 

New Offering Mailbox 

Dear Parishioners 

We all know how difficult these times are for everybody.  Your dedication and love for Saint John Church is truly visible as we receive well wish cards and continued donations.  For your convenience, we installed a secure mailbox near the statue of the Virgen Mary for easy access to leave your donations. Stop by with your offerings and spend a few minutes with our Mother Mary in prayer



Please use the link on OnLine giving above, next to the Pagina Hispanica heading, to make your donations at this time.

Here are direct links to our Facebook page and the link to our YouTube channel where all the videos will be uploaded.

For those who want to attend an online mass, available from the Oakland Diocese website, will have the mass available at all times daily.
Scroll to the bottom of the main Diocese page for the mass link.

Parish Events


Contact Info.

  • Address: 16642 Ashland Ave., San Lorenzo, CA 94580
  • Phone: (510) 351-5050 
  • Fax: (510) 276-0397 
  • School : (510) 276-6632
  • Email:  stjohnsrectory@gmail.com
  • Bulletin E-mail: bulletinsaintjohn@gmail.com
  • Website: stjohnparishslz.com

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