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Dear Parishioners!

I want to share this reflection with you:

Participants at a women’s day of reflection were asked to compile a list of what they perceived as their God-given talents. Some gazed out of the window, others chewed on their pencils, and a few wrote things down and then vigorously crossed them out. Finally the facilitator asked everyone to share their lists. Kerrin stood up. Many people there knew her well. She was deeply involved in service to others. She studied scripture, belonged to a prayer group, helped organize parish retreats, and ran a food pantry. She said, “I really had to think hard about this. I couldn’t come up with a list, because I don’t believe I’m that special. But my family says I’m a gentle person.” There was an audible gasp of astonishment that Kerrin could not see her own gifts. Many of us may have never thought about what our real talents are, or we may think that to acknowledge them is to show undue pride. It is part of the adult life of faith, however, to recognize what skills and capabilities God has blessed us with and then decide, in gratitude, to use those gifts to help build God’s kingdom here on earth.


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