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Welcome to St. John the Baptist Church


Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time
Sept 6, 2020

English Mass:

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From the Pastor’s Desk
Dear Parishioners!

I read in a book what someone wrote: “If life is going well or I am having a bad streak, I always feel better after going to mass. Many times, I hear exactly what I need to hear. There is an element of calm in the Mass that helps me refocus and remember why I love being Catholic.” I want to think that element is the Eucharist together with the celebration of the community. 

I take the opportunity to tell you how happy I am with the good response from all of you to attend Sunday Mass. That, although with special circumstances due to the evil that surrounds us, especially the pandemic and the fires, we move forward with the trust in God. There is nothing nor anyone who can destroy our faith in God and in his Church. Please continue enthusiasm participating in our Eucharist  God bless you with peace and good!

New Offering Mailbox 

Dear Parishioners 

We all know how difficult these times are for everybody.  Your dedication and love for Saint John Church is truly visible as we receive well wish cards and continued donations.  For your convenience, we installed a secure mailbox near the statue of the Virgen Mary for easy access to leave your donations. Stop by with your offerings and spend a few minutes with our Mother Mary in prayer



Please use the link on OnLine giving above, next to the Pagina Hispanica heading, to make your donations at this time.

Here are direct links to our Facebook page and the link to our YouTube channel where all the videos will be uploaded.

For those who want to attend an online mass, available from the Oakland Diocese website, will have the mass available at all times daily.
Scroll to the bottom of the main Diocese page for the mass link.

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