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Parking lot mass is cancelled today due to rain.


January 24, 2021

From the Pastor’s Desk

In the Apostolic Letter ESPIRITUS DOMINI of Pope Francis of January 10 of this year, on the modification of canon 230-1, regarding of the access of women to the Ministry of Lector and Acolyte, he declares: “… the ministries of the Lector and Acolyte are rooted in the sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation. “Baptismal priesthood” and “service to the community” represent the two pillars on which the institution of ministries is based. Therefore, I considered it appropriate to establish that not only men, but also women, can be instituted as Lectors or Acolytes, after adequate preparation. This makes the participation of all more effective in the work of evangelization ”. In a way, this was already carried out in most of the Dioceses of the United States, but now it is a norm that will be carried out at the universal level according to the norms of the Church. Thanks to our ministers who already offer this service in our parish! 

Mass is available via livestream (below) and also to view anytime on the St John San Lorenzo Facebook pages as well.


The above link can be used to access English and Spanish masses every week.

You do not need accounts nor do you need to sign up for anything in order to view the masses (live or recorded). 

New Offering Mailbox 

Dear Parishioners 

We all know how difficult these times are for everybody.  Your dedication and love for Saint John Church is truly visible as we receive well wish cards and continued donations.  For your convenience, we installed a secure mailbox near the statue of the Virgen Mary for easy access to leave your donations. Stop by with your offerings and spend a few minutes with our Mother Mary in prayer



Please use the link on OnLine giving above, next to the Pagina Hispanica heading, to make your donations at this time.

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For those who want to attend an online mass, available from the Oakland Diocese website, will have the mass available at all times daily.
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