Pastoral Committees


Pastoral Committees

There are three committees that are essential to the running of our parish. They are the Pastoral Council Committee, Finance Committee and Buildings and grounds Committee. All three of these committees are composed of parishioners of St. Jonh’s.

Pastoral Council Committee

The Pastoral Council is a consultative body for the pastor. The council does not manage parish operations. The members meet with the pastor and offer him the wisdom of the community. The council is responsible for seeing the bigger picture of the parish. The work of the Pastoral Council embraces the pastoral dimensions of the parish. In addition to doing long range planning, the council members deal with whatever pastoral concerns the pastor brings before them. In consultation with the council, the pastor leads the parish in the ongoing discernment and realization of this mission. If you feel called to be a member of the council, contact our Connie Simone at or 510 693 0113.

Parish Finance Committee

An essential part of this parish organization is the Parish Finance Committee. The Finance Council Committee is made up of active parishioners of our church. We have direct financial experience in the work force and knowledge of accounting. Together with the experience and knowledge we support the financial guidance of the parish and assists to the Pastor. We have five members in the committee. We meet every other month on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Parish office, Conference room #1. If you have background in finance and would like to join the Committee to serve our parish, please contact Marina Ledezma, Business Manager at or cell 510-305-0401.

St. John’s Building & Ground Committee

The Building & Ground Committee is a group who maintains the church, the school, the rectory, buildings and grounds. The maintenance committee is always looking for persons willing to share their skills. The committee working with the Pastor to give vision regarding construction and maintenance related projects for the present and future generations of the parish.