Liturgical Ministries


Liturgical Ministries

If you are interested in getting more information about the St. John's ministries, please contact the Rectory.

Altar Servers

Altar servers assist the priest on the altar during Mass. Any young person in the 5th grade or older who has been Baptized and has received First Holy Communion is eligible to become an altar server. Training is done as needed and service is scheduled on a rotating basis.

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For more information about becoming an altar server email:

Altar Server Information (password protected).


The Choir's main purpose is to lead the congregation in song. They artistically enhance the Mass in a way that motivates the congregation to actively join in. In addition to its liturgical contributions, the choir offers a great deal of social and spiritual community among its members. Membership in the choir is open to anyone who likes to sing or would like to contribute instrumental talents.


A Cursillo is a "short course" in Christianity. During the three days of the Cursillo you will listen to talks given by lay people and the clergy. Some of the talks are on grace, prayer, study and ways to know Christ. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas of Christianity with others. Each Cursillo offers a potential for growth, an opportunity for discovering more of the meaning of life and a way of renewing your personal relationship with Christ. At St. John's Parish a prayer group was formed as a result of Cursillo and they meet on a continuing basis. This prayer group offers an experience of Christian Community and is also open to people who have not made a Cursillo.

Eucharistic Ministers

It is both a privilege and an honor to hold the position of being a Eucharistic Minister. One of the functions of a Eucharistic Minister is to help distribute the Eucharist in the form of Bread and Wine at Sunday Masses. Another function for some ministers is the opportunity to take the Eucharist to older people, the homebound and rest homes in our parish that are unable to make it to Mass. They not only bring to them the Body of Christ, but they also spend time together in conversation and companionship.


Greeters are an important part of our parish community. They are the first line of contact for non-parishioners and parishioners alike as they enter the church before Mass. Not only do they smile and greet you, but they also offer information about our parish for those that inquire.


Lectors do the readings and Prayers of the Faithful at the Masses. Two lectors are scheduled for each Sunday Mass.

  • Changes take effect, Oct. 1, 2016.
Opening procession

The line-up is as follows:

  • altar servers
  • lector 2
  • lector1 with Book of Gospels 
  • Priest

If there is a deacon, he will carry the book then the 2 readers will be side by side. (Eucharistic ministers are no longer be part of the opening procession.)

Approaching the altar

The person carrying the book will not stop at the foot of the altar but will walk around the right side of the altar to the back of the altar and place the book face up, gently in the middle of the altar. The other members of the procession remain at the foot of the altar, before the first step.

Important: After placing the book reader 1, still at the back of the altar, will bow at the same time as the priest and reader 2 who are still at the foot of the altar. (The priest may genuflect in front of the altar after processing in, but the readers should bow.)

After bowing, reader 1 will walk around the left side of the altar (left as facing the altar from the front, but right as facing the altar from the back) as the priest comes around the right side as facing the altar from the front. Reader 1 and reader 2 proceed immediately to their seats without further bowing.


After the opening prayer is complete reader1, reader2 and the cantor come up together and bow together.

Then all stay at the altar until the readings and response are completed then come down together, bow together and return to their places. Reader 2, as usual, will come back up for the petitions towards the end of the creed. Reader2 should try and time it to arrive at the ambo before the creed is complete. Exception: If there is a Deacon, please check if the Deacon will read the petitions, in which case Reader2 does not come up for the petitions.

St John - Lector Procedures

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a spiritual group of men and women dedicated to personal sanctification and evangelization. There are two types of Legionaries, active and associate. The active member attends meetings and like the disciples, who were sent out in pairs, they go out with assigned objectives aimed at evangelization.

The Liturgy Committee

The liturgy committee represents the consensus of the community in matters relating to its liturgical life. Some of the responsibilities of the committee are as follows: - Planning for liturgical celebrations - Liturgical art, banners, etc. - Awareness of the different needs of people present at liturgical functions.


The Ushers are a group of parishioners who welcome the congregation before Mass. They provide assistance in seating, taking up the collection and directing people during the communion rite. Both men and women interested in assisting at Masses are encouraged to join.


As a Vespers Team member, you will be trained in the art of lay presiding and liturgical prayers. Each month we come together to plan communal evening prayers, which is normally set on the third Wednesday of each month. We first choose a theme from the vespers service, then share ideas on music, psalms, scripture readings, rituals, prayers, setting for the vespers, etc. and finally decide roles, which include the presider (prayer leader), witness (preacher), lectors (scripture reading), candle lighters, incensing, greeters/ushers, environment (decorations) and even hospitality (prepare refreshments and munchies). Please come join us in this ministry and share your God-given talent!