About Us


About Us

Welcome to St. John's Parish.

Our parish family came to birth in 1925. In 1949 our present church was built. Our parish school was built in 1952. The hall/gym, under the guidance of Fr. John Mallon, was built in 1972. We have a long history guided by many wonderful pastors, the Presentation Sisters staffing the school and the generosity and dedication of the good people of St. John's who have gone before us.

In fellowship with you all as the pastor of St. John's I know that through your goodness and generosity that the wonderful spirit of St. John's can continue into a new century.

In a true family spirit, I invite all members of our parish community to unite together to make St. John's a visible presence of church to all who search for God in human form.

I invite each and every parishioner to pray for God's guidance and to seek a place in the exciting reality of God's work among us and through us to our community and world.

Fr. Sergio Lopez