Outreach and Service


Outreach and Service

Altar Society Enviroment

Membership in the Altar Society is open to anyone who wishes to volunteer their services and talents to help maintain the Altar and the Sanctuary. Services include laundering and mending altar cloths and linens, cleaning and filling holy water fonts in the entrances of the church, arranging for flowers at the altar and statues and cleaning and dusting sanctuary and statues.


Congregations Organizing for Renewal (COR), strives to bring congregations and neighborhoods together in the common pursuit of improving communities. COR is a faith-based, grassroots organization of twelve active congregations and two neighborhood groups representing 25,000 families in South Alameda County. St. John's Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is a sub-division of COR and meets once a month in our local area.

C.O.R. is a member of PICO – Pacific Institute for Community Organization. In California, the PICO California project is the strongest grassroots community organizing effort in our state. PICO California Project consists of 17 organizations similar to C.O.R. and represents 350,000 families statewide.

Pastoral Care for the Elderly

The goal and objectives of our Pastoral Care Program at St. John's is to integrate elderly people into our parish community, regarding them as our parishioners, to be sensitive to their needs, and to insure a quality of life that befits human dignity. We have Eucharistic Ministers who work with this program and take communion to our homebound parishioners on a weekly basis. They also do communion services at rest homes within our parish boundaries. We want our homebound to know that they are very much a part of St. John's Community and that they are not alone in their suffering and loneliness.

St. John's maintenance Committee
The Maintenance Committee is a group who maintains St. John's Church, grounds and rectory. The Maintenance Committee is always looking for persons willing to share their skills.

St. Vicent De Paul Society
The St. Vincent de Paul Society was formed to aid and assist, on a temporary basis, members in the parish or community who are in need of food, clothing, shelter, or spiritual guidance. Fifth Sunday collections provide the Society with its main source of income. Other donations from the parishioners and the community such as food, clothing, shelter and cash donations help the society to meet the needs of the people they assist. During the holidays they provide needy families with large Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. Members give their time and services on a voluntary basis when needed.